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Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) is the flagship programme of Government of India which aims at
providing quality elementary education to all children in the age group of 6 to 14 years. The
National Curriculum Framework, 2005 also emphasises the need for improvement in the quality
of elementary education. In the context of elementary education, the following quality
dimensions have been identified.

             With a view to managing the quality of elementary education under SSA, the MHRD through
NCERT put in place a massive programme of monitoring quality dimensions of elementary
education throughout the country during 2005-06. The Department of Elementary Education,
NCERT in consultation with States/ UTs, NUEPA, TSG and MHRD, Government of India
developed a set of Quality Monitoring Tools (QMTs) which consisted of 14 formats and 3
analytical sheets. Different aspects of quality dimensions covered in these formats were:
1. Children’s attendance;
2. Community Support and Participation;
3. Teacher and Teacher Preparation;
4. Curriculum and Teaching Learning Material;
5. Classroom Processes; and
6. Learner’s Assessment, Monitoring and Supervision.


The objectives of implementation of Quality Monitoring Tools are:
1. To institutionalize quality monitoring system of elementary education in the States/ UTs.
2. To promote understanding of various dimensions of quality of elementary education among state, district, sub-district and school functionaries.
3. To ascertain the participation of community in functioning and monitoring of elementary education system.
4. To monitor the progress of and provide feedback on various dimensions of quality education at elementary level within and outside the classroom, and finally
5. To improve the quality of elementary education as envisaged in RTE Act 2009

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